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Industry leading drilling sample boxes

Delivering Quality Products and Services for Drill Core Handling

We offer our clients a wide selection of high-quality products for handling and storing drill core samples as well as our innovative Greenway service for recycling sample boxes.

Our wooden drill core sample boxes are manufactured on an automated production line using carefully selected materials. With nearly 18 years of experience, we have proudly delivered close to one million boxes to our satisfied clients. Renowned as a market leader in Finland, our products have also reached customers across the Nordic countries, Germany, Greenland, Svalbard, and the Balkans.

At our core, continuous development is paramount. We adhere to international standards such as ISO9001 for quality assurance and ISO14001 for environmental management. Furthermore, our recyclable products align with the sustainable development values outlined in the European Green Deal of the EU.

About us

Nordic Drilling Box is the international trade name of the Finnish Raution Moninikkari Oy, a Finnish company based in Kalajoki, Western Finland. Since 2007, we have been dedicated to the development of drill core boxes.

Our manufacturing and packaging processes are carried out on automated production line, enabling us to swiftly scale our production capacity to meet the demands of large orders.

We take pride in our highly skilled and professional team. Their input and our excellent quality control, ensures the exceptional quality of our products. Additionally, our commitment to reliability extends to our trusted cargo service, which ensures prompt and dependable delivery of our products.


At Nordic Drilling Box, we understand the importance of premium products for handling and storing valuable drill core samples. Our product range goes beyond drill core sample boxes to include marking blocks designed to fit our boxes, drill core pallets, plywood covers tailored to our boxes, and sample washing boxes for use during drilling operations.

We take pride in using only the finest materials in the manufacturing of our products, ensuring first-class quality suitable for various conditions, including damp environments like mines.

Our lumber is treated according to the ISPM15 standard, enabling our products to be shipped and handled globally without risk of biohazard.
Crafted from Nordic wood, our drill core sample boxes are not only ecological but also durable, easily stackable, and long-lasting. With smooth surfaces suitable for markings, our boxes are versatile and practical. Our product range includes boxes designed to accommodate all commonly used drill core sizes.

Greenway service

We also offer our clients the NDB Greenway recycling service for our wooden drill core sample boxes. This service not only reduces operational costs but also minimizes carbon footprint.

Compared to plastic boxes, wooden drill core sample boxes emit approximately 50% less CO2. Through recycling, emissions can be further reduced by up to 65%.

For clients who don’t require storage for core samples, whether partially or entirely, empty boxes can be returned to NDB for recycling. Upon return, the boxes undergo a cleaning process where any markings are mechanically erased, ensuring clean surfaces and perfect condition upon receipt by the client.


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Quality and environmental

Our customers include mining industry, different kind of ore exploration companies, and major construction projects dedicated rock foundation. Nordic Drilling Boxes is a company dedicated to quality and continuous improvement, in addition to being an environmentally responsible company.

Our customers value first-class delivery reliability and delivery management. This, combined with good freight services, allows our clients to focus fully on their core business.


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